Sunday, 30 August 2009

Angkor what?

13 temples in 9 hours. A cloudy sunrise and far too many tourists.

What i found most incredible about the temples was the fact that they are only made of stone stacked on stone, originally there would have been a layer of soil in between each but that has mostly worn away now leaving literally a pile of bricks.

My favourite temples were the ones with trees growing over and around them.

Thai Architecture

So, fourth country of the trip and plenty of temples to see. The Thai architecture isn't as abundantly obvious as in Bali, but where there is a temple there are Buddahs and carvings aplenty.

More pics and notes to come.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Balinese Architecture

The second country of my 6 week whistle stop tour of 8 countries in South East Asia was Bali. Once you get past the Aussies, the offers of "transport? t-shirt? hat?" and dodge the many motorbikes; which unbelievably carry a family of four at considerable speed, there are so many beautiful temples and other examples of architecture. My favourite was the Ubud Palace where orange meets grey stone and the roofs over the ceremonial Gamelan are intricately carved wood.

(apologies for the rotation of the photos)